Guaranteed Hits:

What is a visit? Is that the same as a hit?
Visit - these are QUALITY visitors that many services cannot offer (or, they trick you into thinking that they are sending high quality visitors) (see the services page for more information). Many services send visitors who never even see your page! They use various tricks to send the traffic so that it looks like someone saw your site. The visitors we send ACTUALLY see your website. A visit occurs when someone actually loads your webpage.

A hit is not necessarily a unique visit. Technically, a hit occurs whenever a file is loaded... when you loaded this page, you generated quite a few hits - one for each image you loaded and one for the page itself. In common usage, people are referring to visits when they talk about hits. WE COUNT VISITS, NOT HITS.

Do you offer stats so that I can keep track of how many visits I am getting?
Yes - all campaigns come with FREE LIVE STATS so you can keep track of our progress during your campaign!  Before your campaign starts, you will receive an email with a username and password.  Use the form on our main page to login to your stats

Do you generate hits using SPAM or other unscrupulous techniques?

. The hits we deliver are legitimate. We never send out mass email or post to newsgroups. The visitors are real users.

How long will it take to get my hits?
After your purchase, your order will normally start within 2 days. After that start date, hits will come in to your site. Some days you may get 40,000 or more hits, other days you might get only a few. However, we guarantee that you will get the number of hits promised within a month.

Do you have any restrictions on the content of my site?
Your site must be legal in the United States and must not generate any popup windows. We can only send traffic to websites with content that is appropriate for a general audience. Please, no sites with illegal content, hate text or sites that promote illegal activities. (see terms and conditions on the order page for more information) Adult content websites are only allowed on the adult plans.

Why should I choose traffic-aim.com over other services?
Most other traffic services send very poor traffic. In fact, if you use their services, most users will NEVER SEE YOUR SITE! This is because most services use tricks to load your page without ever being seen - indeed, they send the same visitor to tens or even hundreds of sites! The worst part is that they never even tell you... your counter moves, but you make no sales! At traffic-aim.com we send real people who actually see your site.

Search Engine Submission:

How long does it take to be listed?
#1 Add URL processes your order within 12 hours. In regards to the search engines themselves, some search engines like NBCi (Formerly Snap) index your site within a few days, others can take up to 10 weeks. You should start noticing your listing on the search engines within 2-10 weeks.

Do you offer a guarantee?
We guarantee that your Web site will be submitted to the top 1500 search engines and directories along with 210,000 directories, classified ad sites, press releases, thousands of media contacts, message boards & we will also hand submit to yahoo and google.
Unfortunately we do not guarantee a particular ranking, many of our customers have received great rankings, but since we are an ethical and honest submission service, we cannot guarantee a particular placement or ranking.

Bonus area:

All traffic-aim.com customers will have unlimited access to our bonus area that is full of very useful ebooks, manuals and programs that you will have full resell rights to.

If you have any other questions you can contact us here .

If you are interested in signing up, simply go to our order page and sign up for the plan that you need

After signing up we will contact you and your account will be set up within 24 hours of receipt of info.

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